Place in the Sun - try a long stay holiday in the Algarve

Most people have seen the TV program 'Place in the Sun', and many of you may have wished you could afford to spend the winter in a warmer and sunnier place. But do you realise that you can try out the 'ex pat' lifestyle really cheaply by renting a place out of season. All the photos above were taken in January and February last year - the beaches are deserted and the flowers are still blooming in my garden. The weather can sometimes be unsettled but it is usually better than the British summer, with lots of sunny days and temperatures varying from mid teens to low 20'sC. Nights are a bit colder but my holiday villa has a log burning fire, and electric heating throughout. And, unlike many winter holiday homes, electricity is included in the price. You can pay as little as £140 a week for a stay of 5+ weeks. We all know the exchange rate is not good at the moment, but when you take into account the amount you will save on your heating bills in the UK you can still have an affordable long stay holiday. The cost of living here, on average, is about the same as the UK now. Some things are cheaper - wine and cigarettes for instance, and some dearer - mostly British brands. But if you bring your car across on the ferry to Santander or Bilbao you can bring your favourite non perishables with you. And you can see a bit of Spain and Portugal on the way. The roads are good now, mostly quiet motorways, and I can advise you on interesting places to stay en route. It is only a total of about 12 hours driving down to the Algarve. Of course if you prefer you can get a cheap winter flight and car hire, and be here in half a days travel. So whether you just want a break in the sun, or whether you are searching for your own 'Place in the Sun' phone or email me for prices and availability. tel 07814 531390 0r email